Do they know it’s November?

The cuttings seem happy, in the main. One of the Pelagonium cuttings has flower buds and there is a flourishing unknown seedling in with a Fuschia – no, idk what or how but curious enough to sacrifice the cutting if needs be. One of them looks a bit dodgy but there is new growth coming so it will probably pull through.

‘Something’ is nibbling the clover (Trifolium). Online research was unable to pindown what precisely but it could be slugs – no slime trail – or rabbits – no visible droppings. Apparently, slugs adore clover, so this is a corner shop for Toad Henge. The link recommends it as a sacrifice plant, along with 14 alternative strategies to combat slugs and snails.

‘Something’ has moved in near the basin pond; we do sometimes see hares in the meadow – but they don’t make burrows, probably a rabbit, especially with the clover.

The first resident for the basin pond, shown here spinning across from Lord Fluffy to a Mentha aquaticum by Toad Henge. There are loads of equally tiny flying things for it. Nothing visible living in the water yet apart from the plants.

Finally, another specimen sprouting seeds whilst still attached to the mother plant, Malva moscata. I think these look too gone over, too tiny, too shrivelled, to try potting them. The label says this is a perennial plant.


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