Toad Hall

Yesterday and today are not quite going to plan; I had my covid booster shot, which has always caused a reaction. Plus my arm feels like it’s been punched by Mike Tyson.

The corncockles are sprouting like the scabiosa seed head. Thought that perhaps they would all stand a better chance of surviving if they were in pots in the garden tent. The weather is dry and bright but chilly out; the vaccine reaction is very draining. I want to get these potted today but finding it a challenge.

Mr Fluffy had a good go at making Toad Hall yesterday but after ruining several drill bits and hacksaw blades, I at least am thinking ‘hammer’! Not sure where we go next with this project. More about toad habitat at >>>

Make a toad house

He did hang the 2 new lacewing hotels made from mineral water bottles.

The biggest disappointment though was that I have been going on a bit that the basin pond should have a fishing gnome lurking in the greenery – more whimsey, it amuses me. Oddly, we both arranged for one independently – being on the same page is a bit of a novelty. I cancelled my order and his was supposed to arrive yesterday. The parcel that was delivered was eagerly ripped apart only to reveal a hen pheasant, of which there are several real ones living in the meadow. Hrumph! I would be stomping round the garden if I had the energy – not true, I would be getting on with more interesting stuff instead; I’m grumpy because I feel thwarted by this reaction.

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