Making the Bed

That was surprisingly exhausting.

From this >>>

To this >>>

The stones around the basin were put to one side during excavation, washed off and placed around the basin to prevent the soil being washed straight into the water. I think the slope on the branches is too steep, so something will be done about that tomorrow but they have been left in place tonight in case anything wanders in by accident.

The whole bed needs some sort of edging to show where the lining stops, I’m thinking of transplanting a mix of violas, medicago, clover, oxalis, feverfew and a couple of found myosotis, at least for the time being. Mr Fluffy has volunteered to make the Toad Hall I described to him, result. And I will see if there are any more broken slates that can be repurposed for a different, more prehistoric style as an alternative.

Tomorrow is a trip to the aquatics center, with my list, exciting! Then it will be doing the fun stuff that doesn’t make me ache.

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