Bird Houses, Basin and Bog

Mr Fluffy was thrilled with the prospect of hanging the bird boxes; well it involved doing manly things with drills and justified all the other paraphenalia he has accumulated inside the shed they now hang on. He waited very patiently while I spent a good long time clearing away the viscious brambles so he could get to the wall, and carting them away in the barrow. In other words, the manly bit was over in minutes, the less glamorous elements being ‘delegated’ to the help. I am so impressed [/sarcasm]. They look rather nice though. He even spent some moments fussing they they were straight on the wall *sigh*.

My project, started after this was finished, it is a bit more involved. I liked the prospects for this spot >>>>

And I researched depth and position on the RHS page, expecting to refine for the apple tree.

It didn’t go according to plan, it wasn’t much of a plan to begin with. I began clearing the top growth – and discovered a manhole cover, probably something to do with the septic tank, or that might be a cess pit. So as already anticipated, repositioned the basin and continued. Then I discovered a second manhole cover, more sighing and head scratching. This was turning into a bigger project than imagined or intended. I expanded the area that I was clearing, discovered 4 young self set trees – plum from the solitary withered fruit still hanging on one of them – among the young brambles enthusiastically colonising this patch.

I had been considering turning this patch into a small plot for veg but not intending to tackling it today. However, I refused to allow 2 manhole covers from disuading me from finding a location for my basin pond and bog garden. This is all starting to sound like an outdoors bathroom, which seems an amusing thought to me. Some time and quite a lot of effort passed, during which ideas for wild flowers for the initial positions arose and consideration of options for the young trees – 4 is a bit excessive. Fruit trees did not figure in my plans originally but I can’t bring myself to destroy them; they will have to be controlled somehow.

Eventually reached this stage. I think I can make this work, if there are no other unforeseen obstructions hidden under the top growth. All that has been achieved so far is finding a position, another separate (wild flower) project and learning about training fruit trees. Still, if the weather is clement tomorrow and moving around is (relatively) painless then there will be progress.

The moral, life lesson reminder, from today is neatly expressed by President Eisenhower

“I tell this story to illustrate the truth of the statement I heard long ago in the Army: Plans are worthless, but planning is everything.”

Remarks at the National Defense Executive Reserve Conference, 11/14/57,%2C%20but%20planning%20is%20everything.%22

I have some Ox Eye Daisy plants that need moving and could go over here! Oh dear, here we go again…

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