Harming with kindness

Accept and enjoy garden life. “Slugs and snails have been demonised but they are actually really important in breakdown of material and a food source for other types of animals that are more desirable, like frogs or toads. Be a bit more accepting of new sorts of life forms and maybe if you look at them closer, and you know more about them through things like science, they become more interesting and more fascinating and more appealing.”


And blackbirds.

I had a nice block of ham fat leftover from a joint, so hung it out for the birds. I am uncertain about this; I keep glancing out the window but haven’t seen any birds on it – we don’t seem to get many blackbirds. I checked whether there were any signs of it being pecked but it looks like the only attention it has received is from flies. I will keep an eye on it and research how long those fly eggs will take to hatch although something possibly likes maggots, can’t say I’m too enthusiastic about them. Google search suggests that the consensus is extremely anti maggots for birds, so the fat is going in the bin – after it’s been placed in a bag and the eggs killed. Blue Peter (vintage BBC children’s TV programme) never mentioned maggots when they said to hang bacon rinds up for the birds. Does make me wonder how much wildlife has been harmed over the years by well intentioned but half informed opinions.

He doesn’t know it yet but Mr Fluffy has a project tomorrow for his day off >>>

I was in a pet shop earlier searching for the bird boxes, just looking at the variety of goods when I made a loud squeak and scurried back to the safety of the hamster cages – I had strayed into the reptile’s gourmet section! It seems that the entomologist’s garden could be a bit of an ordeal for me.

This is my project >>>

What a bargain and perfect for a basin pond. I found some ‘industrial rubble sacks’ and Mr Fluffy said there was a flood at work so I have asked him to bring home some damaged underlay to use in place of sand under the sacks to make the liner for the bog garden. Off to scout the garden for a log ‘ladder’ and a suitable spot.

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