I found this link last evening and woke up full of enthusiasm to create a gravel pool (listed on the gravel gardens link, lots of splendid ideas here) so spent some hours attempting to discover answers for the obvious questions. Google interpret pool as ‘swimming pool’, mainly; it worked so much better when search term combinations would home in on the required set of terms and before SEOs and optimisation made commerce the overriding priority. The best search term is ‘pond’.

I really like the idea of a gravel pond but my priority here is wildlife and there is little further information, especially for a novice. My principle qualifications for this feature are small, inexpensive with easy set up and maintenance. The principle function is a beneficial habitat for wildlife whether beetle, birds, reptiles or mammals, preferably all.

I anticipated possible problems that it will simply turn into a stagnant, stony puddle of decomposing algae that provides no benefits. And without further guidance, it would seem a small bog next to a basin pond is a more sensible choice, if only because there is plenty of advice and guidance on setting these up.

Although my criteria remain the same, it raises slightly different questions, not least where best to site it. So the idea is back on the drawing board whilst I get a clearer picture of what it could look like and where. Hopefully a suitable ‘basin’ will be provided by serendipity.

All the plants I moved appear content; the cuttings appear to have rooted – one of the fuschias even has a blossom, uncertain whether that is cause for optimism – and the climbing nasturtiums all look very healthy. There are 2 seedlings that could be the Geranium seeds finally sprouted, these pots have been on the verge of discarded so many times but I shall persevere with them now until spring. I was unaware that fuschias are attractive to wildlife and was growing them for me but apparently they attract moths and bees, so a bonus too https://community.rspb.org.uk/nature-on-your-doorstep/b/gardeningforwildlife/posts/fuchsia-feast

The job hunting has been food for thought. I’ve been out of clerical/admin for several years and, not helped by the pandemic when I chose to stick with what I had through the uncertainty. But to be honest, the prospect of being chained to a computer again for 40 hours a week doesn’t inspire jubilation. Neither does training to bring me up to speed for a new employer. This leaves only one serious option to retrain in a field that does inspire enthusiasm and jubilation, which is where I am focusing attention currently.

As for my case, no further progress. I think ‘they’ are called respondents; they have requested an extra week to respond to my claim – how pathetic, they have done nothing on time. I raised my objections listing all the other times they were late; I am hopeful their request will be denied but not optimistic. Should hear something soon.

So much of life seems to be about filling in time waiting for a future event before being able to get on with plans.

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