Well that was a learning experience!

I have been dithering around since June, taken this to the wire – just 7 minutes to spare, spoken with several people, let it fester and maturate, all the while wanting it done, wanting anyone else to do it for me, been anxious, mad with myself for not applying the attention it deserved, kept awake going over it, woken up stewing it over. Actually, it got a lot of attention, just cerebrally, not on paper. And now I know why.

Because it needed all that before I could tell it right, in the clearest, most succinct way that gets across the points needed for the argument without all the muddying mess that clouds the picture. And after all that the main point and supporting documents become simple and clear.

So although procrastination gets a load of negative press, it is really a necessary part of the process when I want to do something well. Or at least give it the best I can manage.

This inquisitive owl lives at a sanctuary near Bodmin that we visited on holiday this year. Should probably be a cooking photo but I adore his expression.

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