The State of the Country

The prospects for the future are quite alarming here in blighty.

The heatwave has gone but the lack of rain here in Hampshire is conspicuous by its absence. And not mentioning the disgraceful dererliction of duty of the boards of these privatised vulture capitalists – borrowing billions to pay dividends while 1 trillion litres of drinking water leak out of the system and dumping raw sewage into rivers and sea.

The energy price cap is set to increase this week, effective from 1 October and increase again in January. Both increases will individually drive up inflation, currently acknowledged at 10.1%. Food is noticeably more expensive. Of course, those at the cliff face spend a larger proportion of income on these essential items and so they notice it more when there is less money to go round.

And then there is the effect of inflation itself. Bad enough for individuals, but small businesses are already closing up shop. Doesn’t take a huge leap of imagination to work out the unemployment around the corner. Giving rise to reduced tax receipts and increasing the welfare bill at a minimum.

And what are our elected officials doing about it? Well Boris is sunning his arse somewhere in Greece while his continuity candidate gaslights 90% of the population while admiring her selfies and the other one – well does anyone know what is he doing? Shapps is gaslighting the RMT union and spouting off to the media because he lacks the backbone to face the union at the negotiation table. Coffey is busy hiding multiple reports that are supposed to be published concerning the dysfunctional welfare system. The Chancellor, who should be attempting to control inflation is nowhere to be seen in the paper I read. The business secretary Kwarteng I think, should be working his arse off bringing water, gas and electric to heel. Or at least negotiating some relief while we still have viable businesses in the country.

And how do these slackers proposing themselves for PM reckon they will repair 12 years of tory rape and pillage? Tax cuts of course. If they were sincere, they might increase the personal allowance for the minimum level but that would do nothing for the tory membership. There was about £30 billion available to ‘sweeten’ the electioneering of the candidates to the tory membership, before inflation took off. The debt they took on for covid – which hasn’t gone away, although the current iteration is less fatal – is eating into that war chest. And it just occurs that this 30 billion tax receipts is being used frittered away for the benefit of 160k party members; now is the time to come to the aid of the party indeed!

What are these morons doing? Are they trying to bankrupt the country. They have all been complicit and should be locked up, preferably in Rwanda. If they were dogs, they would be euthenised for being dangerous.

The reality for a large part of this country is 66% are anticipated to be in fuel poverty. Plans are being made for energy shortages, meaning powercuts that aren’t weather related, through the winter. Water, well we have to hope for rain but not floods. Food? The foodbanks are already warning they aren’t receiving as many donations and people having to resort to them are increasing. In a first world country, I think that the necessity of food banks should be a badge of shame to the government. Has a foreign agency infiltrated the water supply in the House of Commons because it looks like they’ve been drinking the coolaid.

I have a great sense of trepidation concerning the next few months, not only for myself but for everyone in the same boat. The helplessness of the whole situation, that the government has been derelict, we all just try to get along in life pretty much – stay within the law, pay the bills, trust that the government maintains the framework supporting this. Go to work, pay taxes, so the government maintains the public services from our taxes so the system keeps trundling along. Maybe look forward to a brief but well earned holiday. They are not doing their job.


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