Zombies, Vampires or Grifters?

How much of the world needs to be literally ablaze before the ‘authorities’ in charge actually cease their vain posturing and put Our money where their mouths are? At home and abroad because this is going to take global cooperation to mitigate – solving it is probably gone as an option by now.

Paul and Lindsey Hughes with children Nathaniel and Benjamin outside their home in Kiveton Park. Photograph: Gary Calton/The Guardian

“We have warned of the growing threat for years but our concerns have fallen on deaf ears. The brutal truth is that government ministers and chief fire officers have ignored the warning signs, which have been obvious for all to see. They are guilty of criminal complacency.”

Matt Wrack, the general secretary of the Fire Brigades Union
A still from footage of the fire at Hankley Common. Photograph: Alan Johnson/Twitter/PA

It’s not like there haven’t been decades of warnings from scientists and other credible sources, even the fossil fuel industries knew and clamped down with denials using tobacco industry tactics.

A forest is incinerated by the Oak Fire near Midpines, north-east of Mariposa, California, on Saturday. Photograph: David McNew/AFP/Getty Images

While our zombie Global Britain ‘government’ currently absorbed with who gets next shot at lining the pockets of family, friends and cronies with lucrative deals and assorted baubles, throws red meat to their base and promising fantasy economics – you would think the penny might have dropped with the fiascos in Kent this weekend – that nature is throwing a bit of a tantrum in a vain attempt to attract some attention from the people allegedly in charge.

What other governments might be doing in response to the crisis isn’t getting across in the paper I read, so have to assume it is equally as negligable. Too many in the HOC appear to be intent on sucking the rest of us dry, whilst telling us it is for our own good and knowing that the general public are being shafted.

At some point you’d have to live as if the truth was true.”


All images published alongside articles in The Guardian during the past week.

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