Refreshingly Inspirational

From small beginngs

There is a plethora of beautiful, immaculate, coffee table garden books, articles and images available. Anyone who ever grew anything knows that the results seldom live up to the Grand Plan; it’s the nature of – well – Nature. Finding this WIP – as all gardens are in truth – is so empowering to read a professional horticulturist showing her authentic reality. It is difficult to achieve the results as imagined in the Grand Plan but easy to post a microsecond of the tiny perfection almost lost amongst the noise of everything else. The tiny perfections are the satisfactions of achievements that encourage perseverance. But it can be too easy to become discouraged by all the surrounding noise of the garden and this is where Ann’s article is so refreshingly inspirational. Take the Joy of those microseconds but accept that there will be noise thwarting that Grand Plan and that that plan isn’t written in stone either. Sometimes Nature will give a nudge in a different direction.

All those sources of immaculate gardens are ‘selling’ something subjective besides copy – envy, desire, status, pride, ego, the usual marketing propaganda ploys – this list makes no claim to be exhaustive.

In comparison, there is also a mountain of publications and sites that aim principally to grow plants sucessfully. These tend to have a less glamourous glow about them, rather more like text books with glossy pics.

So, seizing the inspiration from Ann’s post, I am going to find the ugliest spot(s) today and add them next.

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