Lacewings – your pest control heroes in the garden | Friends of the Earth

Decided to attempt assembling one of these homes to encourage lacewings. I have not seen any of these creatures in all my time in the garden; that doesn’t mean there aren’t any, only that I haven’t noticed them.

Lacewing Inn

The clearest instructions for assembling this are on the Friends of the Earth link. I used an empty water bottle – no sugars, fake or real to encourage nasty micro bugs that could be a potential harm.

It took longer to find a spot to hang it than to make, maybe 10 minutes. And the hardest thing about it was getting the cardboard to roll. The instructions for sightings it spevify only that I be a sheltered spot but looking at the image in sunlight, perhaps that spot will be too erratic for temperature. Hmm, will see how I can improve on this tomorrow.

My expectations are low but I’m willing to be surprised.

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