This House to the Tories

Looking for an online quote of ‘where the bee sucks…’, serendipity revealed a metaphor far more potent of the political environment this morning. I doubt that I am alone in feeling the Government of this country have allowed the abuse, literal and metaphorical, against the drones who form the base of their parasitical economy.

My honey lost, and I, a drone-like bee,
Have no perfection of my summer left,
But robbed and ransacked by injurious theft:
In thy weak hive a wand’ring wasp hath crept,
And sucked the honey which thy chaste bee kept.”

The Rape of Lucrece (836-840)

The link is a most interesting article concerning Elizabethan bee hives.

And a post is incomplete minus an image, so my favourite and superlative master from the first rank, courtesy of wiki, supplies the visual flavouring.

Titian Rape of Lucretia 1571

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