Ins(p)ecting the Borders

What is this life if, full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare.

W H Davies
Bee on Spear Thistle

Fascinating to see the huge blobs of pollen on the flower.

Bee on Cornflower

This bee has a distinctive orange/burnt sienna bottom; it doesn’t seem very clear in the image, sadly.

Unidentified Flying Insect on Pelagonium fragrans

Doesn’t look like a bee, any ideas?

Cinnabar Moth on Ragwort 1

They are growing very fast now. They appeared on the highest tips and seem to be gradually working their way down the plant making detours to as many flower buds as possible. The moulted casts are still visible where they were discarded, they should moult 5x. There seemed more when they were smaller but there are still about 3 dozen that I can count.

Cinnabar Moth on Ragwort 2

I hope they will leave some flowers for the bees; according to wiki, Jacobaea vulgaris a good protein source. I was surprised to see a small bug on a nearby leaf, quite tiny really but caught an image of it…

Unidentified Bug on Ragwort

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